Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We went to the immigration office this morning to finish the application process for our residence visas.  Lily was in a horrible mood and did not want to get her picture taken, which was not an option this morning.  She was in tears but we finally got the picture, its terrible though, she is frowning and all scrunched up, but it will be fun to pull out when she brings her first boyfriend home.  Charlie was much more pliant and just sat there with a sort of stunned look on his face.  I think he was just taking it all in.  We signed on the dotted line and handed in the application.  Of everything that we have done in the process of this move this was probably the easiest step.  Ironic that the government part was the easiest.  Lily's mood did not improve though and it was tears all the way home in the taxi.  I think the stress of the move was bothering her today.  After a nap and a quick stop to the indoor play place she was much better.

The laundry continues, I don't think I will ever be done.  But, at least with my new drying rack it is easier to get everything dry.  I'm trying to do three loads a day and I am definitely making headway.  I am still using the "dryer" and I use that term very loosely to dry the clothes a bit before hanging them up to finish drying.  I never thought laundry would become the focus of my world!

I have my new phone and most of my apps.  I don't think my facebook app is going to work here though, at least it hasn't yet but I plan to ask around.  I have also gotten the free Vonage app which allows me text anyone for free.  I think anyone from the states can also use it to call me for free.  So far I haven't been able to call the US with it, but it may not work with calls going out of China.

I made a simple spaghetti dinner which was a big hit.  Charlie decided that after dinner was a good time to play peak a boo with his spaghetti hands.  Good thing it is almost bath time!
I'm gonna take my shower and read in bed for a bit.  I'm exhausted, having both kids home full time so draining, I'm always being pulled in two different directions.  I can't wait for April 1st!


  1. Sounds like a bit better day than Monday!
    What is the laundry like at the new apartment? better, I hope.
    It seems like everything we buy here in the states is made in China. Why can't you get those things there? ( laundry).

  2. In the new apartment I will have a separate washer and dryer so I am hoping that they will take larger loads and work better. I don't expect them to be comparable to US ones though and I will probably still use my drying rack a lot.

  3. Charlie is such a ham....Poor Munchkin..I too think the stress and newness caught up with her...Once she settles into a routine with school I am sure she will be less stressed....it will be a funny pic though as you said