Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Traditional Shanghai dinner

The kids and I went to an American Woman's Club event in Puxi today.  Puxi is on the other side of the river.  From what I understand Pudong and Puxi literally means left and right bank of the river. For RBM 300 ($50) I got a membership that will allow me access to the events and give me a chance to meet other American's that live near me.  It's a little bit or normalcy in what is a very strange world for me right now.  Plus, I found a place that not only sells bagels, but also delivers them!

I had planned on cooking dinner tonight, but found that as the day went on I that my energy had completely left me.  A co-worker recommended the Jardin de Jade, which  is traditional Shanghai cuisine.  We had pork dumplings that have a bit of soup in them (makes for tricky handling), Shanghai noodles, sweet and sour chicken (super yummy), and chicken and dumpling soup.  The soup was made with a whole chicken and was way more than we expected, so we took it home.  We will be eating chicken soup for days!  The kids liked the dinner,  especially the sweet and sour chicken, which was nothing like what you find in the States. 

 Lily, as always hams it up for me.  The kids both had fresh pear juice to drink with dinner, which was big hit.  Lucas and I had hot lemon tea that was fantastic.  With my love of tea and dislike of coffee I fit right in here!

Charlie was so tired, he only got a two hour nap and has been up since 5am.  I think he just wanted his bed.  He had a 1 min bath and very happily crawled into bed after.  The only upside to the kids having jet lag is there are no arguments over bedtime!

The sweet and sour chicken was my favorite, very crispy and sweet.  It was served with pineapple, and I could have eaten the whole plate myself without any problems. 

Lucas is out having a beer with a co-worker tonight, so it is nice a quiet.  I'm gonna turn in early!


  1. Hi Christina,

    Can't wait to join you for some of that traditional Shanghai food. Very exciting!

  2. Charlie does look tired. The food looks yummy!