Monday, March 5, 2012


Stayed home most of the day to try and get our laundry done.  Not as simple as that sounds... the washer is also the dryer and was not as simple to operate as I'd hoped.  I had a maintenance guy come show me, but as he didn't speak any English he sort of just went through the steps and eventually I Gumped my way through it.  Aside from taking very small loads, the dryer is sort of like a preliminary step in the drying process since nothing actually comes out dry and needs to be hung to dry anyway. 

Not wanting to stay in the apartment any longer since we all seemed to be climbing the walls, the kids and I made a short trip to Carrefour and picked up a few things.  I think I will become very familiar with Carrefour over the next two years since big weekly grocery trips are not done here and not practical since the fridge and storage is not like what you would have in the US. Lily was fascinated with the live fish, shrimp, turtles, and frogs. Yes, frogs!  Don't think I will be bringing any of them home for dinner. 

Lucas's first day was okay, but far from smooth.  His first problem was getting a taxi that knew where the office was and was willing to drive the distance. Then he found out HR hadn't gotten all of the paper work submitted, so nothing was ready for him.  On the plus side he did find out that there is a shuttle that will take him to and from work, so until we get our personal car and driver he'll use the shuttle.  The gifts went over very well, especially the lollypops.  Speaking of shuttles, I learned through one of Lucas's coworkers that Shama has a shuttle that makes rounds of many local shopping areas. 

Tomorrow the kids and I will tour the school we are thinking of enrolling Lily in.  It looks great online and is close to the apartment we plan to move into. 

Can't wait to explore our new home, hoping the rain lets up soon.  I'm having fun though taking note of the similarities and differences here.  Found Johnson & Johnson Baby's Head to Toe, only it's called Top to Toe, and Diet Coke is Coke Light.  I'm sure I'll find many others...

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