Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today the kids and I were supposed to visit the school we plan on sending Liliane to.  I had the address written in Chinese characters for the taxi driver, but he was not able to find the school.  I'm finding that while great for getting around to the popular shopping stops, taxis are not so great for finding the lesser known addresses.  You would think with China being so tech crazy that most taxis would have a GPS, but they don't.  I walked up and down the street for 30 minutes before giving up and heading back to the apartment.  I emailed my contact at the school and apologized and explained what happened.  She was very understanding and suggested that next time I bring the number of the school and have the driver call for directions.  So, Thursday we will give it a shot again.

After a not so great morning we played in the apartment for a bit and all took a long nap.  Finally waking up at 4, we all had a snack.  Charlie took his to the sofa so he could watch Tom & Jerry with Lily.  Lucas got home shortly after 6 and we all headed to La Bomba, an Italian place around the corner from the apartment.  The kids shared some pizza and Lucas and I shared some lasagna and gnocchi.  Everything was good, but it will take some time before I'm used to being served Italian by a Chinese person.  ;-)   

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