Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 5, 2012

So in the interest of keeping the memories straight I've started my first blog!  Thank God for Google, they make it stupid easy.  

We've finally picked our home for the next two years. What a difference the increased budget made!  We will be living in a large (260 sq.m) 4 bedroom apartment, that is literally across the street from the Carrefour.  It has a large kitchen with a dishwasher, not very common in China, and plenty of storage and counter space.  The family room is huge and will be a great play area for the kids. We can't wait to move in, but because of the time it takes for our things to clear customs it looks like we will have to wait till May 1.  

 Both kids are having a hard time adjusting to the time change, they can't seem to figure out when they should be sleeping. Charlie has been getting up at 2am and Lily is usually a few hours behind.  Today he did sleep till 5am and Lily till 5:30am.  Fingers crossed that the 2am wake up calls are over!  

Lucas starts work today, I think he is both nervous and excited.  He plans to give a short speech to his new colleagues in Mandarin so he had a practice session with his Mandarin teacher last night via Skype. He is also bringing his two bosses NC State University coffee mugs as a gift and Easter candy for everyone else.  The gift giving thing is new to us, and I know Lucas wants to make a good first impression.  

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