Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring cleaning

Not much to blog about today.  Got Lily to school this morning without any troubles, a quick hug and kiss and she was gone.  Charlie and I grabbed a taxi, he's started to mimic me and puts his hand out to call for a taxi and he gets mad if it's already taken and drives by.  We headed for the plaza across from our future apartment and found some pain relief cream for Lucas' neck before heading to Pines.  Pines, is a grocery store that caters to Westerners and has a lot of things that I can't find at Carrefour including spices.  While they didn't have a big selection it was the biggest I've seen to date so I was thrilled to pick up onion powder and cumin.  

Spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment and doing laundry.  It was so nice to have the sliders open and air out the place.  We had a bit of trouble picking Lily up though.  I gave the taxi driver the card with the school's address and when I try to tell him he's going the wrong way he just pats his dash, not sure what the hell that meant, and keeps going.  Then he starts asking me questions, which I don't understand.  I gesture for him to turn around, which he does and we end up on the right street, but I am all turned around and I have no idea which way the school is and it is a very long street.  He asks for directions and we finally make it only 5 minutes late.  Lily wasn't up set and I didn't have to pay for the big circle he took me in before figuring out where he needed to go, so I guess it all turned out ok.
I made dinner tonight, which has become a less than regular event.  Between not being able to find a lot of things at the store and being exhausted from watching the kids all day we've been eating out or ordering in a lot.  I'm hoping with Lily in school I will be cooking a lot more, plus I finally found measuring cups and spoons.  Tonight's dinner was chicken stir fry over rice with dumplings and bread.  I came out really well for my first attempt, I'm hoping to try fried rice next...


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