Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blue Skies!

We finally had some blue skies!  It is supposed to rain the next two days, but the weekend is looking good so I don't care.  With the nice weather the kids and I walked to AP Plaza.  I got myself a new purse since my old one wasn't working out anymore.  I can either wear it across my chest or hang it on the stroller handle if it gets too heavy.  The squares are silk and the black is a suede like material.  It is perfect for getting around town with both mine and the kids stuff, and it is pretty!  I also picked up a backpack for us to use when we are traveling since I'm only willing to carry so much in my purse, and as all women know, our purse always becomes the catch-all for everyone's stuff. 

The kids and I tried Daisy's for lunch which seems to have a mix of Western and Asian foods on the menu.  The kids wanted pizza, a big surprise, and it was very good but I am hoping to go back again sometime and try something new.

After lunch we walked back home, it's only 20 minutes, and Charlie took his nap while Lily insisted she was not tired.  I had planned to go out after nap time to get fish food but since Lily couldn't manage to behave for me in the apartment's management office we went back to the apartment.  Lily was confined to her room for the rest of the day, but since it is impossible to keep Charlie out it wasn't as harsh of a punishment as it sounds.  They ended up playing dress up and I know someday my son is going to hate his sister for dressing him up and me for taking the picture, but I just couldn't resist. 

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  1. Oh no... you posted the picture here too! I want equal time for the little "MAN". I protest on his behalf! We need some fishing and hunting pictures... maybe arm wrestling, or hanging out at the pool with a couple babes.