Monday, March 26, 2012

Lily's First Day

Lily had her first day of school today.  She had to bring indoor shoes since the Chinese do not wear their outdoor shoes inside, a tooth brush and tooth brush, so she can brush her teeth after lunch, and a comb so she can comb her hair after recess.  All of this stays at school though.  Lunch is provided if I want to pay the 900 RMB, which is only $150 and very fair.  She gets two Chinese and three Western meals each week.  The teachers eat with the kids to help teach good table manners and the kids must try everything at least once before they are excused from eating something they don't want. The teacher also sends home a little notebook with a daily report for me so I know how she is doing each day.  Today's report said that Lily was fascinated by all the activities and wanted to try it all.  That she cried when she had to try her vegetables but eventually gave it and get it a try.  

All in all it seemed like she had a good day and is excited to go back tomorrow.  While she was in school Charlie and I hit the Carrefour.  He crashed after lunch and napped for almost three hours, I had to cut it short so we could go pick up Lily.  

Lucas has a stiff neck and it is causing him a lot of pain so we met at Thumb Plaza to try and find some Icy Hot.  No luck with the Icy Hot, but we did grab dinner at Pizza Hut.  We have learned that having dinner at an American chain is not the same as back home.  The Menu was very extensive, covering appetizers, drinks, soups & salads, entrees, rice dishes, pasta, and dessert.  Here are just a few of the dishes available, including a rice dish with octopus. 
Even the pizza comes with some interesting options like salmon.  Boring Americans that we are we got a pepperoni pizza and iced lemon tea (not sweet tea).  Both kids ate well so on the way home we stopped at the Family Mart and picked up ice cream for everyone. 

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  1. Try acupuncture for the neck....So glad Munchkin had a good 1st day...wanting to go back is a very positive sign