Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Kingdom

I am sick.  I have a soar throat and a stuffed up nose with lots of sinus pressure.  I got very little sleep last night so Lucas gets up with the kids and lets me rest.  I spend most of the day in bed, but by the time the kids are up from their nap I feel better and want to get out.  Since the weather wasn't going to be great today I had already planned on seeing the Natural Wild Insect Kingdom.  It was way more than bugs though. 

The entrance has Looney Toons characters, not sure what they have to do with insects though.  Inside is a seal, unfortunately his tank is way too small and I feel awful for the poor thing.
Just past the seal is the Koi river and for 1RMB we buy some fish food so the kids can feed the Koi.  Both kids have a great time dropping the food into the water and watching the fish devour it.  Charlie is enjoying the freedom of no stroller and is running back and forth taking in everything.  He flies past the fish and finds some marmosets.  He is fascinated by them and spends a minute or two watching them while they watch right back.  
We finally get to the insect part of the museum and the kids are running from one tank to another barely seeing what is inside.  Lily does manage to slow down enough for the walking sticks and seems to think that bugs that look like sticks are pretty cool. 

Downstairs there are reptiles, and some bunnies and goats that for 2RMB you can feed.  The kids seemed to get a kick out of feeding the bunnies, but were both bit intimidated by the goats since they were a lot more forward about getting their dinner. 

But by far the highlight of the day is the fishing pond. For 10 RMB we were given a bucket and net so we can try our luck at catching a gold fish.  Lucas and Lily spent a good 40 minutes trying and we were just about ready to give up when Lucas caught one.  More luck than actual talent (sorry babe), but Lily was thrilled.  We bought a little tank for it and they even gave us a second fish.  Must have felt bad about our poor fishing skills.  So we now have two pet fish that Lily named, Lily and Maddy.  I asked if she was sure she wanted two Lily's in the family and she said yes, it was okay. 

Tomorrow we are hoping the weather will be better so we can go to the top of the Jin Mao Tower.

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  1. Looks like a fun day, (after the sinuses calmed down).
    The Chinese seem to have a real liberal way of naming their parks and museums. It will be interesting to see what Disney will be like there!

    What is the dollar equivalent of an RMB?

    Looking forward to skyping tonight / tomorrow morning there!