Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Field Trip

After dropping Lily off at school today Charlie and I went to the Carrefour by our future home to pick up some groceries and a few other essentials.  At the check out an employee asked if I would be willing to take a quick surveySince Charlie was in a good mood I figured why not.  It only took a couple of minutes, during which Charlie was entertained by the employees and given a milk box to drink and I got a reusable grocery bag.  

Then it was home to do some laundry and have lunch.  I tried to give Charlie a left over cheeseburger but he was more interested in my rice and dumplings so I ended up giving him a bowl.  Guess he's taking to the new cuisineThe only problem is that rice ends up everywhere and this is sticky rice and when I say sticky I mean STICKY!  It sticks to him, his clothes, hair, chair, table, floor.  It is so much fun to clean.  I think I'm going to implement a new rice rule.  Whenever Charlie is eating rice, he needs to be striped down to his diaper.  At least then I won't be trying to pick smashed rice out of his clothes! 

After his nap I told Charlie we had to go get Lily, so he goes and grabs his shoes and points to the door and says Lily, Lily!  I think he enjoys his one on one time with me, but he is always excited to go pick her up.  Since the weather was so beautiful today the kids were all outside in the playground.  Charlie got some playground time too before I rained on their parade and told them it was time to go.  

Lily had her first field trip today, she's never gone on one without me present.  They went to the Insect Kingdom that we went to a few weeks ago.  She said they took the yellow school bus, and went and saw bugs.  When I asked if she had a good time she said yes, she had a good time and did I know that some bugs eat other animal's poop?.  She also came home with a small toy slug.  Is that an insect?

Nothing else to blog about... except for the little monster that I found all snuggled up in my bed. 


  1. That's no monster... that's my Grandson!

    Slugs are gastropod mollusks, not insects (courtesy of a Google search).

  2. Charlie is starting to show some of Daddy's "impishness".... I am so glad that Lily is liking school .... Eating other insect poop UGH