Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lily's School

So we tried a second visit to Lily's school this morning with much more success.  Although the driver didn't call the school like I suggested when I gave him the directions, he did finally call.  Actually I made the call with his phone since he apparently couldn't even figure out the phone number, which explains a lot!  The school is actually in the same neighborhood of the town houses we looked at.  So without even knowing it, I actually knew where the school was.  At least next time I will be able to direct the driver. 

The school was very nice.  It is small and intimate with large open classrooms, and with a max of 18 kids and 4 adults per class.  The kids will have 20 minutes of Mandarin every day along with one on one time with the teacher.  The teachers all have a long history with the school and use a mix of Montessori and structured teaching methods since they understand that many kids will return to a structured school when they go home. 

After the school visit we made another stop at Carrefour, it is quickly becoming my home away from home!  The kids had lunch at home and napped for about two hours.  Since the sun had finally come out for a bit I took a few pictures of the view from our balconies. 

  This is from the balcony off the dinning area looking to the right.  The colorful balconies make finding the apartments pretty easy.
 This is from the same balcony just looking to the left.
 This is the view off the balcony in the family room.  On the right is a water feature and to  the left is a playground, which I took the kids to for about 10 minutes today before it got to cold to be outdoors.
Through the underpass is a Family Mart, which is like 7 Elven, a bank and other restaurants and shops.  Because of the weather we haven't spent too much time walking our neighborhood.  I'm hoping that will change soon. 

 After the kids woke up we went down to the playground, but the sun had disappeared and the wind kicked up so we only stayed 10 minutes before it was too cold.  Instead I took them to the indoor play area the complex has.  The kids had a great time and were not happy when I said it was time to go.

Made my second gourmet meal, pork chops with Mickey mac n' cheese.  Lily loved it and ate everything, not a regular occurrence at dinner, but Charlie didn't like his pork chops and it was a battle to get him to eat some protein.  He just kept asking, well miming, for more mac n' cheese.   So we subbed the pork for left over German sausage, which was much more to his liking.  All in all a good day  ;-)

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