Saturday, April 7, 2012

Super Brand Mall & Century Park

Friday while Lily was in school, Charlie and I went to the Super Brand Mall.  Holy crap, this place is huge!  Thirteen floors, with over 100 stores, 70 restaurants, and an IMAX theater.  We spent most of our time just walking all thirteen floors and checking everything out.  I think once we have a babysitter Lucas and I will be checking out the IMAX.  There were lots of great stores including a Croc's store.  The kids Croc's were between $50-60.  I didn't price the adults, but I think I will wait till I'm back in the US to pick up a new pair.

Lily had a half day Friday which ended with an Easter egg hunt in the playground.  The kids had a blast running around finding candy and eggs which the teachers divided up after so everyone got a fair share.  Lily ended up coming home with a basket she made in class, three eggs, candy, and a stuffed bunny.  What a difference a private school makes!
So far we have been very busy every weekend since moving here, we decided to slow it down a bit this weekend.  We started out going to B&Q, China's version of Home Depot and picked out the paint for our apartment.  After that we met a co-worker of Lucas' at Century Park.  This park is the largest in Shanghai, 140 hectares, it has both boats and bikes for rent and amusement park style rides.  Plus several different style gardens.  It is a beautiful retreat from the city and for the next month it is walking distance from home. 
After a nap we headed over to Kerry Parkside mall where Lily hunted for Easter eggs in a ball pit and Lucas and I bought ourselves a 2000 piece puzzle.  No clue where we are going to put it... anyway, it was dinner at Johnny Moo's after that and both kids came home with a stuffed bunny for just 5RMB(less than $1). 

Tomorrow we head to The Bund, a famous river area where you can walk around or take a boat ride.  Then a quiet dinner to celebrate Easter.

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