Friday, April 20, 2012

Pizza, Popcorn, & Pj's!

Lily has been learning about the letter P at school.  What better way to ensure the attention of 18 kiddies than with pizza, pj's and popcorn!  Yesterday the class all made personal pizzas that they got to bring home and today they dressed in pj's and had popcorn while reading bedtime stories and singing lullabies.  Is it just me or is school much more interesting these days?  I remember having a book and a teacher that gave a lecture and then homework.  I know I would have remembered pizza or popcorn! 

As if that isn't enough, they celebrated two birthdays this week. After coming home from the first party with just one balloon that Charlie wanted to play with Lily made sure she came home with two this time.  She's no dummy! She can also be very sweet and thoughtful.

Tomorrow we are having lunch with a co-worker/friend who is here on business.  Leo and his family will be moving to Shanghai this summer and although they are Chinese, they have lived in America longer than China.  Ironically, we are answering questions for him about the up coming move.  I find this ironic because we aren't even moved into our permanent apartment, don't know the language or customs, and have had and endless stream of "challenges".  But, we have recently been in his shoes and as they are more American than Chinese, they are desperate for any information we can give them.   We are happy to help, especially if it means they can avoid some of the pit falls we didn't.  It will also be nice to have friends who speak perfect English and Mandarin, yep, I'm no dummy either!  In truth, I've met Leo and he is very nice.  I look forward to meeting the rest of his family this summer.

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