Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Bund

We went to The Bund today, which literally means embankment.  It is an area along the river known for its eclectic architecture and sight seeing tunnel.  We only did a small portion of the Bund, it was very sunny and warm today so I was a bit worried about not having sunscreen.  We had lunch at Subway, Lily ate an entire 6 inch sub with chips and a cookie!  After we walked along a promenade with great views of the river.  Lily had lots of fun taking pictures and actually got some really good ones.  Maybe we have a future photographer...
The Bund is also known for its sight seeing tunnel, and unmanned shuttle that takes you under the river while enjoying a light show.  Charlie was a bit scared at first, but got into all this lights.  At the end of the shuttle there is a small market with souvenirs and trinkets.  Most of it is junk and can be found at a thousand other places in China.  I did get the kids names written in Chinese and English though.  This is something that will be a cool memento of their time here. 

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