Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Qingming Festival

Today is Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, a day that the Chinese honor their ancestors, since it is a national holiday so Lucas got the day off.  Lily however goes to an international school and they don't seem to acknowledge the more minor Chinese holidays so she had school.  After dropping her at school Lucas, Charlie and I went to the eye glasses market in Puxi.  I went back in January when we were here on our housing trip, but Lucas was working that day.  We got Lucas a pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sun glasses for about $80.  Can't beat that with a stick!  After the glasses market we headed to the fake market and got Lucas some new ties ($30) to match his new dress shirts and a Beritling watch ($20).  Got to love the Chinese and their knock offs.
After picking Lily up from school Lucas took her walking around the apartment complex.  There are a lot of walkways and small ponds, all of which are currently filled with tadpoles.  That should thrill the little boys in a few more weeks...
Dinner tonight was the Blue Frog at Kerry Park Side, they have great burgers and other western favorites.  Both kids ate very well and got a piece of Easter candy for dessert, thank you Grammy for the care package!

Lily has been doing very well at school.  I was worried about lunch since they have two Chinese and three Western  meals each week but according to her teacher she is eating very well and said that she is very outgoing and friendly. 


  1. BTW I don't know how our name got screwed up like that ! Can't figure out how to change it. :)

  2. When tadpoles turn into frogs, they will likely disappear. Don't forget where you are, and what the locals eat!

    Donna, change your user name to Roger and Donna. I suspect it is now Roger & Donna, which is why you're seeing the funky name. Some programmers have a hard time dealing with certain characters. It's too much trouble for them to write the code to do it right.