Thursday, April 12, 2012

Century Park and Fake Market

The kids and I walked to Century Park this morning, which is only 10 minutes from the apartment.  We timed it just right, to see the fountain was putting on a show. The water was set to shoot off in time with music that was played.  It went on for about 10 minutes with the kids mesmerized the whole time.

This park is huge and even has a small amusement park with several kid friendly rides.  For about $3 Lily got to go on two rides.  I think the price is pretty comparable to small parks back home and probably much cheaper than some.  Poor Charlie had to look on from the stroller since I didn't want to leave the stroller unattended while taking him on a ride. 
While Lily made do with the kiddy rides, she also made it clear that she really wanted to go on the big kid rides.  After taking her on Splash Mountain at Disney there is no doubt in my mind that this girl loves a good thrill!

We only stayed an hour before heading back home for lunch.  I think next time I may bring a picnic lunch for us so we can enjoy the park some more. 

After a nice long nap, I took the kids to the convenience store and let them each pick out a candy.  Charlie got M&M's and Lily a lollypop, which they both shared.  It was off to the indoor playground after that where we spent an hour playing before Lucas and Chem picked us up.
Tonight we went back to the fake market to pick up Lucas' second custom made dress shirt and to grab a quick dinner.  We walked around for a bit and ended up picking up a cute bowl for keys and loose change, a pair of comfy moccasins, and his and her's Rolex watches.  I'm not sure how much I will actually wear the watch since I have sensitive skin and I'm certain this watch band is not made out of the stainless steel it says it is, but for $12 you can't go wrong!