Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scholastic book club

Not much to chat about, my life is settling into a sort of routine and while I'm sure I will have many more interesting things to share, for now I think I'm all talked out on the subject of Carrefour.  Most days go something like this; Lily gets dropped at school by 9am and then Charlie and I go and run any errands we have for the day.  Usually we get home in time for lunch and a nap for him, laundry for me.  No, it never ends... anyway, we pick Lily up at 3pm and head home to either watch cartoons or as the case most days to play at one of the apartment playgrounds until Lucas gets home just after 6pm.   Yep, I lead an exciting life!

Lily did come home the week before spring break with a scholastic book order form, I was thrilled to learn that the school participates in it.  The prices are a bit higher but with the cost of shipping and taxes I'm not surprised.  I do plan on making an appointment next week to go book shopping at an apartment another mom told me about.  No one lives there, it's just used as a shop, weird I know, but this is China and weird for us is normal for them. 

The only other news I have to share is our upcoming trip to Hangzhou.  It will be our first train ride and our first over night trip since our move here.  I'm already planning other trips for the summer and fall.  With the summer and warm weather around the corner I'm thinking Tokyo and Xian for summer trips as they are North and shouldn't be as hot.  In the fall I'm hoping to spend several days in the Bangkok area.  Bali, Singapore, and Beijing are all also on my must see list.  Whether we fit them all in this year I can't say, but I will try...

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