Monday, April 9, 2012


Okay, I'm gonna be honest here.  Easter this year sucked big time.  Although I had the foresight to buy an egg decorating kit I forgot to boil the eggs so the Easter bunny had to hide plastic eggs.  Including one too high for the munchkin to reach.  The worst part though, was Lucas being sick all day from something he ate the day before.  So instead of spending the day out in Shanghai as a family we stayed home and watched cartoons and played with the toys the Easter bunny brought.
Luckily the kids are young enough not to know that this years Easter was lame.  Give them some new toys and and Tom & Jerry and they are happier than a pig in shit.  As I'm sure other moms can relate, I feel bad that it wasn't up to par.  On the plus side, I do have an egg decoration kit for next years Easter...
Lily is on spring break this week so I don't think we will be spending much time home.  Bad things tend to happen when we spend too much time at home.  Today was shopping at Carrefour and a good hour in the indoor playground.  I may take the kids back to the aquarium tomorrow since the weather isn't supposed to be nice. 

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