Monday, April 2, 2012

No More Taxis!

We finally got our car and driver today, a Buick GL8, a mini van that can seat seven.  I cannot begin to express how nice it was to have the car waiting for us when we came down this morning.  Plus, the kids are finally back in their car seats!  Our driver Chem, seems nice enough and much to my delight isn't an aggressive driver.  He will be taking us to Lily's school every morning and picking her up every afternoon.  Aside from that he will be at my disposal during the day if I want or need to go somewhere.  He works 11 hours a day Monday - Friday and up to 14 hours total per month on the weekends.  I have no idea what his does on his down time or where he goes.  Although we now have Chem to call on there are still times that we may still need to take public transportation like the Metro or taxis. 

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