Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sci & Tech Museum

We took the kids to the Science and Technology Museum this weekend.  We probably should have gone when we lived in Shama since it was a short 10 min walk, but we just didn't seem to think of it.  This place is huge!  My friend Brenda suggested we leave the stroller behind and I'm so glad she did since the first part we walked through was a "jungle" that took you through different parts of the rain forest on a rocky path.  We also got a membership since it is close and we knew we wouldn't be able to see it all in one day.  What we did see the kids really enjoyed though.  We walked through a hall that had each of the continents represented by the animals that can be found there.  The kids really loved this and I will have to go again when it's not so crowded so the kids can take their time and really check out all of the animals. I think Lily would have happily spent the whole morning in that one hall. 
After the continents we took a walk through a tropical rain forest and got to see many other animals, all fake, that make their lives in the forests.  They also had a huge waterfall in their jungle.  It was really well done and even the English translations were excellent.  I'm thinking they had a native English speaker write the signs for them, you just don't usually see perfect grammar in these places. 
As always, my extra large husband has to watch his head.  It is pretty rare to see a Chinese person over 6 feet tall, or with shoulders like Lucas, so it is not uncommon for him to have to duck or squeeze through certain places. 

The museum also has a 4D theater, although we did not see a move they had several on different educational topics that you would expect to find in a museum.  The kids, Charlie in particular seemed to loose steam after just two hours so we called it quits.  With the membership we can always go back and see the rest some other time.  I think the kids are suffering like me from allergies.  I just hope that whatever it is passes soon. 

We made a quick stop at the flower market and picked up a couple more fish for Lily's fish tank and some more plants for the apartment.  I got a gorgeous tree in a ceramic pot that is about five feet tall and a pothos in a four foot plant stand along with three other small plants for just $80!  The tree alone would have cost around $200 in the US.   It is amazing how cheap something are here.  I've also started to keep fresh cut flowers in the apartment since the vendors are just across the street and I can get 20 roses or lilys for about $8 and others types of flowers for less than $5. 

In the afternoon Lucas took the kids to the indoor playground at the gym, and as always, Lily made a friend.  The kids came home sweaty and tired and I know Lily is going to be asking me when we can go back.  It is nice to have such a great place for them to run off energy though with the summer and humidity coming. 

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  1. I am so glad that you guys are experiencing so many wonderful places. Many seem to be very kid friendly too