Monday, June 25, 2012

Dragon Boat Festival

We had a three day weekend in honor of the Dragon Boat Festival, which traditionally involves races on the river and eating zongzi (sticky rice balls with meat).  Unfortunately the weather didn't corporate and Charlie was running his second fever of the month.  We stayed close to home only going out for short trips to get everyone out of the apartment, mostly to avoid cabin fever.  We spent a little time Saturday at the indoor playground at the gym and shopped the fake market on Sunday.  I got a great D&G purse and a few new pieces of jade.  Lily got some chopsticks made for kids, and Lucas got some new shirts.  Didn't find anything for Charlie, but he didn't seem to mind.  I think he enjoys the people watching. 
Today we had planed on going to a water village just outside of Shanghai since yesterday it looked like Charlie was getting over his fever, which was under 100.  But, this morning it was back up so we ended up making doctor appointments for both kids.  Lily has a nasty cough and eczema that is spreading from her neck to her shoulders and arms.  Poor Charlie had to have blood drawn and because he isn't getting enough fruits and veggies, mostly veggies, he has to take a supplement now.  Both kids are on two other meds and have a cortisone cream to help with the eczema.  The minor problems both kids are having are normal for kids moving to a city like Shanghai.  The higher pollution levels affect their immune systems ability to fight of colds and such .  Within a year their bodies should have adjusted and we should be seeing less of the doctor. 

Instead of the water village we went to the mall and wandered a bit.  On the way there I snapped a picture of the bottle opener building, which you can't even see the top of.  Kinda tells you just how humid it was today.  I wish it would just poor so that the clouds would move on and we could maybe get some nicer weather.  Anyway, there is a Lego exhibit going on at the mall that has Lego tables for kids to play at.  With Charlie's cold we didn't want to risk getting other kids sick so we passed, Lily was actually very understanding.  We grabbed some Italian for dinner before we called it a night. 

My only other noteworthy bit from the weekend is that I finally got the guest room/office put together!  We are officially ready for guests, so if you are ready to brave the 15-18 hour flight I have a place for you to rest your head.  We look forward to our first guests!

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