Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Sci & Tech Museum

It seems like summer has finally arrived and done so with a bang!  It is hot and humid and even walking across the street to Carrefour makes me feel like taking a shower.  To keep out of the heat we took the kids back to the Science and Technology Museum on Saturday.  We saw several of the areas that we missed on our first trip including an exhibit on different forms of power, electrical, water, and wind, were just a few.  There were lots of hands on activities for the kids and they both enjoyed themselves immensely.  While the museum was very busy, not surprising considering the weather, we did manage to find a small exhibit that was virtually empty.  Here they had displays about different forms of technology used to make things and they had several stations where you could have a souvenir made up.  We got a glass block for both of the kids, Lily picked a bunny and Charlie got a Tiger since he was born in the year of the Tiger.  The kids watched in fascination as the robotic arm grabbed the block and put it on the stand and then let the laser etch in their names and the date.  Lucas and I got one for ourselves too of the museum.   

One of the things Lucas and I enjoy doing here in China is spotting Chinglish.  Signs that are in English, but have spelling for grammatical mistakes.  The Sci & Tech Museum was a wealth of Chinglish, this one was probably the best.  This is a sign at the bottom of an escalator, not an elevator and that is just one of the many mistakes we spotted.  When we move back home I plan to make up a Chinglish album! 

Lucas and I are also enjoying dates nights here in Shanghai much more often than we did back in the States.  We are lucky to have Ayi, the perfect babysitter.  She not only watched the kids, she cooks them dinner, cleans up dinner, sweeps up, and takes care of the laundry.  I've only asked that she cook dinner, the rest she just does on her own and I would probably just confuse her if I told her not to worry about the rest and to just read or watch tv after putting the kids to bed. 

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Lucas and I plan to have many more date nights!  Last nights date started with a wonderful dinner at South Beauty, a Schezuan style restaurant that is a chain here.  The food was great, if a bit spicy for my taste, but probably mild for most. We had Kung Pao chicken that was to die for and excellent dumplings and wonton soup.  The restaurant is on the 10th floor of the Super Brand mall and offers a great view of the city.  Unfortunately with the heat and pollution the view was not the best that night. 

We had s bit of time before our movie so we did some shopping, hey, it is a mall.  We ended up getting Lily and set of Disney DVD's that teach Chinese and a picture book with Chinese words in pinyin (the roman alphabet).  I'm hoping she will pick up the language some over the summer even though she won't be taking lessons.  We also got the kids a couple of new outfits form a store here that has such cute stuff it is almost impossible to walk past.  We did make it to our showing of MIB3, which was very good, and exactly what you would expect from a Will Smith movie. 

Today was a bit quiet and lazy all around.  The kids slept in till 9, I don't know what Ayi did to tire them out but I hope she does it more often!   We walked down to the French bakery for a late breakfast before we headed over to Carrefour to run a few errands.  I had a pedicure this afternoon, my first since moving here.  Aside from being cheaper it was pretty much the same experience as back home, and I am now sporting bright pink toes.  Lucas had basketball in the afternoon and by the time he got home and showered my homemade chicken & broccoli mac' n cheese was ready.  The kids are in bed now and I'm thinking about a hot bath and a good book...

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