Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Saturday we headed to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium with the kids, this is the other place we got a membership so we can visit as often as we like.  We learned the during our first visit that the stroller is better off left at home.  There are several escalators that you take as you go through the aquarium and although I'm very proficient now at taking a stroller up or down the escalators, (China does not believe in public elevator service) Charlie is starting to prefer the freedom he's allowed with his bear backpack.  Bonus, all the walking tires him out helping to ensure a nice long nap when we get back home.  The penguins were finally back on display.  This is the first time we've seen them since we started going to the aquarium.  It really is a nice aquarium and I'm looking forward to taking the kids during the week when it is not as crowed. 
The aquarium does have a fast food place that serves both KFC style meals and traditional Chinese ones, but its not the best.  We opted to walk just next door to a Japanese noodle house which is a chain here, for lunch.  It is very good food, and it is very cheap.  The only down side is the complete lack of forks.  Not a problem for us, but the kids can't use chopsticks, although Lily tries.  I'm gonna have to remember to keep some travel ones on me for this very reason. But, honestly it was more of an issue for me and Lucas than Charlie as he just literally dug in.  I will say, that for anyone who wants to visit (mom), most places do have forks for Westerners.  Lucas and I were always okay with chopsticks but we have gotten quite good since our move.  We can even pick up individual peanuts with them now. 
After lunch it was home for naps all around and then off again to Century Park.  The weather so was beautiful it just seemed like the perfect way to end the day.  We took the kids on a few of the rides, walked around for a bit and feed the Koi. Lily picked some wild flowers and had a hot dog on a stick.  I still can't get over that, I guess it is the Chinese version of a corn dog. They don't exactly do hotdog buns here.
Today, Lucas slept in while I took are of the kids.  We headed to Julie's for a late breakfast.  It's one of the few places around that serves an excellent Western breakfast.  After breakfast we walked over the the fake market.  I got a silk table runner and Lily got a small fish purse.  Lucas looked at some golf clubs, but I have gotten him to hold off for now.  Not sure where the heck I would put them anyway.  He did end up getting a "D&G" wallet though.  Both kids were ready to crash so we went home for nap time and Lucas headed across the street to the spa for a nice deep tissue massage.  Unfortunately by the time he got back home I had a migraine.  I took some medicine and it has finally  disappeared thank goodness, but it was not how I'd planned on spending the afternoon. 

Looks like the rainy season we've heard all about is finally here.  Today and the rest of the week looks like rain and by the time the rain lets up the summer should be in full swing with lots of humidity!  Damn, I thought I'd left that behind when we moved from Raleigh. 

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