Thursday, June 21, 2012

To each their own

I continue to be fascinated by the different foods you can find here.  Yesterday's cucumber chips prodded me to seek out the chip isle today at my local Carrefour.  For those of you who need to see it to believe it, I found several flavors that you will not see at your local supermarket.  If you are doubting your eyes, those are hot & sour fish soup, cheese lobster, numb & spicy hot pot, fried prawn, and French chicken flavor Lays chips.  I also had to throw in a shot of the prawn crackers.  And, lets not forget the cucumber ones I tried yesterday.  To each their own the saying goes, but I think it is safe to assume that I came to the end of my chip explorations yesterday.

Ok, so hunting down chips is not all I did today.  I did take the kids to the aquarium.  It only takes an hour from start to finish.  Even though we were there just last weekend the kids haven't tired of the fish and other animals on display yet.  Plus, the penguins are still a new attractions to them and they enjoyed watching them swim around in their chilly home.  As with many of the attractions in China, the aquarium has other "fun stuff" for kids.  At the end of your tour of the aquarium you end up in the gift shop and from there you are dumped into a small food court where you can buy lunch or ice cream and popcorn depending on your mood.  Once you get passed that you have to make your way past a small arcade filled with games and kiddie rides like desert jeep that Charlie didn't seem in any rush to leave.  For just 2RMB, or about 30 cents the kids got a 1 minute ride.  As far as thrills go this not many come cheaper. 

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  1. I think I'd like to try the Hot & Sour Fish Soup. Soup de Poisson was one of my favorites in France... maybe these chips will bring back fond memories.