Friday, June 8, 2012

Bobbin' for frogs?

I've always been open to the differences you find in foreign countries, but I still find myself laughing at somethings or even left scratching my head over others. This one was a combination of amusement and head scratching.  This is my local Carrefour, and that is a blow up swimming pool with frogs in it.  I guess frogs must be in season if they need a pool to contain them.  Just grab a net and help yourself.  Although Charlie was fascinated by it, I decided to pass on frog legs for dinner.  I still prefer my dinner to be dead and nicely packaged before I bring it home.  

I think we will be heading back to the Science and Technology Museum tomorrow since it is supposed to be 90 and humid.  We didn't come close to seeing all of it the first time there so it should be fun and most importantly, air conditioned!   I'm hoping the weather breaks by Sunday, I'd really like to take the kids to Century Park.  I don't know how many more nice days we can expect.  Summer's heat and humidity is fast approaching as is the wet season.  Fingers crossed for one more nice day before we are forced indoors! 

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