Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charlie's check up

Charlie went to the doctor today for his two year check up.  He was weighed, and measured, even getting his head measured twice since they couldn't seem to believe his head was really that big!  What can I say, my kids have big heads.  The doctor was very nice and has a four year old son herself so she could easily relate to my stories about Charlie's stubbornness and his constant boo boos.  Must be something about boys... anyway, he is a happy, healthy two year old.  Of course I knew this but it is always nice to hear it from a professional.  Unfortunately today's visit required a shot and a blood draw to check his lead levels and his blood in general.  The blood draw went off without any problems, he did make a small o face when he was stuck, but that was all.  He seemed to be fascinated with the process of collecting his blood.  The shot was not so easy.  He knew something was up and he let out a very healthy cry when stuck.  He got over it pretty quick though and once he got his lollypop all was forgiven and forgotten. 
Proving that he was fully recovered he kept up with his sister all afternoon and has me reconsidering the benefits of coffee...  Lucas got home early tonight, and nice treat since he isn't usually home till 6:15 almost an hour later than when we lived in NJ.  Getting the kids used to eating a later dinner has not been easy.  We walked over to the Blue Frog and had a very nice dinner.  Allergy season seems to be in full swing here and it is leaving me dragging my butt, I think it will be an early night for me! 

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  1. Glad to hear continues to be a healthy boy. Yes, those Markes do have big heads to hold their big brains (ha ha). Love to see pics of the kids at the table doing drawings and such