Tuesday, July 3, 2012

East meets West BBQ

Ever wonder what would happens if you invited your Chinese co-workers to a barbeque?  Well,  you end up with an odd mix of Western and Eastern foods, and probably the most unconventional barbeque ever.  It was certainly the first BBQ I've been to that had chopsticks at it.  Lucas and I provided burgers, sausages (haven't found hot dogs), and BBQ chicken.  Each guest brought a dish of something that could be shared.  We had dumplings, sushi, square ham, salad, bananas, watermelon, cake, and ice cream.  There were several other traditional Chinese dishes but I can't name them.
The food was excellent and the guest were a lot of fun.  I've heard all about Lucas' co-workers for months now and it was nice to have faces to put with the names.  The entire group has been very welcoming of Lucas and has helped us out with so many little things, like buying movie tickets and ordering a grill to name just a few.  There were six kids including our two at the party, they all seemed happy to play in Lily's room and with Ayi there to keep an eye on things the parents got to relax some. 
Of course the kids managed to find prime spots at the table when the cake and ice cream came out though.  The little girl next to Charlie was in absolute tears when it was time to leave.  Martin, her Dad later told Lucas she cried all the way to the Metro stop.  Everyone left by 7:30 and with Ayi's help, by 8 the place looked like we had never had 30 adults and 6 kids running around for most of the day. 

Next weekend we head to Chongming, one of the islands of Shanghai.  It is a weekend trip organized by BASF and two of the co-workers I met last weekend will be traveling with us.  I'm looking forward to a couple of days outside of the city.  I just hope it isn't too hot to enjoy it, this is definitely an outdoor weekend!

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