Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big Move!

After three months of living without a home or 95% of our worldly possessions we have finally settled in our new apartment.  It was a crazy day as the movers unpacked everything so I wouldn't have to deal with the boxes and paper.  I can now look forward to two weeks at least, of organizing and reorganizing.  I'm also still waiting on my air freight and have started a list of things that aren't here that should be and vice versa.  The movers we had Stateside were nice but dumber than a lamp post and apparently had no short term memory retention.  A representative from Green Court brought us our house keys, that would be 28 keys, and gave us information on the appliances and services they offer.  Because we live in a expat centric neighborhood the office here will mail my letters and pay the bills for me which all come in Mandarin.  All I have to do is bring the bill and money to the office and they take care of the rest.  They will also buy train tickets and even translate documents for us for a small fee.  We have the Carrefour across the street, and tons of other shops and restaurants, all in walking distance, which is a big reason I picked this apartment for us.  The kids were beyond thrilled to have their toys and rooms again.  They have both been such little troopers through this whole thing!

Lucas took an extra day off from work to help with the move so we decided to hit the IKEA.  Just a short 15 minute car ride!  Since I didn't know what our home here was going to be able to accommodate I ended up leaving a lot of stuff behind that we could have brought.  Thank you Asia HR!  I'll leave it at that because I don't have anything flattering to say.  Anyway, IKEA was as always, a lot of fun.  We spent almost four hours there, and of course, had lunch in the cafeteria, which I'm told is a hang out for local single seniors.  We got some shelves for storage and a few other things we just couldn't live without.

The kids took a nap while Lucas and I tried to make some headway on the apartment.  It is starting to look like home and I'm looking forward to getting my pictures up and decorating.  Nap time was over too quick and that pretty much put an end to any real work.  The kids did help Lucas put my kitchen shelf together though. 

Meet Ayi, she started working for us today and for the month of May she will be here twice a week while she helps the two American families she's been working for move back home.  In June she will start working for us full time, 40 hours a week.  She doesn't speak any English, but we managed to communicate just fine with gestures and pointing.  She seems to love the kids and they all ready lover her.  I had to take Charlie to the doctor this morning for his eye (it's fine), it was so nice to come home to find the apartment cleaner than when I left it.  She swept, ironed and washed dishes.  She also played with the kids and took them to the playground so I could try and unpack our suitcases from the temporary apartment.  I think she is going to be my new best friend! 

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