Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shanghai Anniversary

March 1st marks one year in Shanghai.  It's hard to believe that a year has already gone by and that we have just one year left!  We spent most of last week getting over our jet lag.  It was hardest on Charlie who was getting up three times a night, but by the weekend everyone seemed to be back on Shanghai time.
Friday we picked Lucas up from work, Lily snuck in a quick nap, before we headed to the AP Market to pick out material for a new suit and work shirts for Lucas.  We grabbed some yummy Italian at Daisy's  before calling it a night.

Saturday we ran some errands at Carefour.  The kids got a special treat from Dunkin Donuts before we headed upstairs for some groceries and checked out the fresh seafood, including some clams that were bigger than my hand!
Sunday was warm and sunny, perfect for a day at Century Park.  We met up with a few friends and let the kids loose on their scooters and with a ball.  They had a blast running around and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.  We headed over to our first temporary apartment, a short walk from the park, and grabbed lunch at BBQ Chicken Cafe.  Super yummy chicken cooked in olive oil and served with even yummier dipping sauces.
For dinner I apparently made the mistake of suggesting dinner at the Blue Frog.  First Lily spilled her milk all over the floor and then Charlie got sick all over himself and the floor!  Looks like he takes after his mommy and has a sensitive gag reflex when is comes to textures.  

That's it for our weekend.... oh wait, Charlie fed the fish!  Guess he really takes after his mommy, since for years I've been regaled with the story of how I fed my Dad's fish.  Let's hope he doesn't try to fit the crayons down the shower drain!
Oh ya, and I've got a cold!  Here's hoping that I'm better by next week since Lucas will be leaving for two and half weeks for business.

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  1. That first year went by pretty fast... it helped that we were able to visit and you were all able to come back to the States twice too. Already looking forward to this summer.