Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shopping & Date night!

This week a friend took me to a couple of very cool furniture store not too far from my apartment.  Both were in huge warehouse style buildings that were filled with all kinds of unique pieces.  It was not cheap, but when compared to the cost of similar pieces in the States it's more than a fair price.  There was a great mix of both Western and Asian styles.  I've been hoping to pick up a few things for our house that are distinctly Chinese but wasn't sure where to go until now.  I look forward to going back to pick up a few smaller pieces for the apartment and to the day when I can buy some larger pieces to bring back with us to the States.
After the furniture shops we headed over to what my friend calls the lamp lady.  The shop was on a very narrow street in the middle of a traditional and very poor Chinese neighborhood.  I honestly didn't know what to expect, looking at it from the outside, but Hanna assured me that it was worth the trip.  Inside, the shop is a big open space filled with all kinds of unique lamps, including one resembling the SWFC, or bottle opener building.  Not only does the lamp lady make her own lamps, she will also turn anything you bring to her into a lamp.   While the lamps were amazing I hesitate to buy one knowing in a few years I'll have to have it rewired if I want to use it back in the States.  To assuage my inner child I did buy three wire and cloth lamps that are meant to hold candles and can either be hung from the ceiling or sit on a table.  I may still go back for a special lamp to bring home though.  Even with the cost of rewiring it, it would still cost a whole lot less than buying something similar in the States.  I almost feel obligated to buy one... :-)

With Lucas traveling so much this month we were thrilled when he came home two days early from Jakarta.  Even better, we got to have a date night, and try out a new restaurant called The Brew, which makes its own beers.  Lucas tried the beer paddle which comes with six samples of their beers, while I decided to go with the IPA.  We shared a very yummy sausage platter and nachos and didn't even touch the Indian butter chicken.  Since The Brew is in the Kerry Parkside mall we walked our dinner and beers off and even found some new Chinglish at the grocery store.  We ended the night with a fabulous relaxing couples massage.  With Lucas traveling so much this month it was a perfect was to reconnect!  Lucky for us Lucas will be back from Hong Kong Wednesday night and then Saturday we all head to Vietnam for a family vacation, can't wait!

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  1. I don't think it would be very hard to rewire a lamp for the states. I'd be happy to do it for you, unless there is something REALLY different about them.
    I would guess all I would have to do is change the light socket and the plug.