Monday, March 11, 2013

Just the three of us.

Lucas left this Saturday morning for the first of his three leg business trip.  This week he is in Germany, he'll be home early Sunday morning, but leave again late that night for Singapore. To help get our minds off missing daddy I kept us busy this weekend.  Saturday we met friends at Big Bamboo for a late lunch.  The kids had a blast playing on the outdoor playground and drinking milkshakes.  They were too busy to actually eat.  I will say that one of the great things about China being so child-centric is that many of the restaurants have playgrounds for the kids, which is great when trying to keep active kids entertained while waiting for lunch or dinner.  We wrapped up the day with several rounds of the Elefun game and their left over lunch for dinner.  Sunday my Ayi came over for a few hours to help out.  She took the kids out to play for a couple of hours in the morning to give me a break, which was great.  That afternoon I took the kids to the pool at the gym.  Charlie was thrilled to learn that he can touch the bottom of the pool and stay above water if he's on his tippy toes.  We ended the weekend with a pancake dinner!

The other exciting bit of news this week is the new bakery that opened up by us.  There are several chains in Shanghai, I've heard of this one but haven't tried them yet.  Just the temptation I need when I'm trying to be good about my exercise and eating!

Here's hoping that I have a quiet week with the kids...

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