Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some indoor fun!

With summer in full swing and no sign of the heat and humidity letting up I'm stuck trying to find indoor entertainment for the munchkins.  Today we went to the Science and Tech Museum, there is still a lot we haven't seen including the Rainbow Children's Playroom.  This area is designed to be kid friendly and hands on so the kids could run around and burn off some energy.  They had a blast playing on the slide and jumping on virtual bubbles til they popped.  I even got them to sit still long enough to get a picture, Charlie even cooperated! 

I finally convinced them to move on to another area, but we didn't get far. Lily spotted the world's largest Light Bright and had to play.  Charlie loved it too but quickly got frustrated when he had some trouble get the rods into the holes. 

The kids didn't want to leave before seeing the animal display so we made a short detour before heading to my true destination, the fake market.  We wandered the market for a bit and ended up getting a cool bottle opener that is designed to look like a Chinese mask.  After that it was time for lunch and nap.  Since Charlie has a minor ear infection that hasn't allowed him much sleep in the last few days he was exhausted and took a three hour nap.  Lily even slept for over an hour which is rare these days.
We ended the day with dinner at Big Bamboo and an impromptu driving lesson for Charlie.  I think I will let Lucas handle the driving lessons when the time comes...

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