Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home Visit

The kids and I are finally home from our visit to New Hampshire with my family.  It took an entire weekend for us to actually get home, thank you Boston. I always wanted to see Chicago, just not while I'm trying to get home to my husband and have no luggage and two cranky kids. It was an adventure and the kids did really well, I have such little troopers!  I apologize for the lack of picturers, we had to leave our laptop in the States to get fixed, I'm so getting a MacBook next time!  Anyway, without the laptop, which my folks will be bringing in September, I'm having trouble getting pictures to the blog. I may be able to add them at a later date using Lucas's work laptop.

We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends, and I apologize for not being able to fit everyone in, but we had such a busy three weeks. Our first week was pretty subdued since we all had some serious jet lag to get over. Charlie had the hardest time of it, getting up twice a night for the first week. By Thursday I was feeling pretty good and looking forward to surprising my cousins in New Jersey for our annual family reunion. However, I was in for a surprise myself!  Lucas found some extra vacation time and flew in for a week without telling anyone. 

Friday we all headed to NJ for the reunion that was being hosted by my cousin John and his wife Danielle. We had a wonderful time visiting, catching up, and eating really good food!  Lucas and I stayed an extra day so he could drop in on his Florham Park co-workers. It was nice to have a night away, thank you to my cousins Gail and Richie for letting us spend the night.

Back in NH we spent the week shopping and visiting with friends.  Lily and Charlie had a play date with Audrey and Clara at the splash pad in Derry, which was a fun as it sounds.  Lucas and I managed to fit in a couple of movies too.  But, the best part of the week was my sister flying in to surprise me!  Holly and her friend Haley visited for a week which was so wonderful. I had been so dissapointed that I wasn't going to see her. 

My in-laws visited for the weekend, they were thrilled to see Lucas. They hadn't know he would be there either, the man can keep a secret!  We spent a wonderful weekend taking the kids to see Touch a Truck and swimming. Sunday was a bit more laid back with some time spent at Benson's park and then a cookout at my folks. It was nice to see everyone, especially my adorable niece and nephew who I've missed terribly.

Our last week home saw Lucas heading to Germany for business. It was wonderful to have him with us and I wished he could have stayed. Mom and I took the kids to North Conway to Storyland, a theme park for kids all based on nursery ryhmes. It was unseasonably hot and although it we had fun we left early since the kids were practically melting in the heat. I look forward to going back. I can remember visiting the park as a kid and it was a lot of fun to see my kids there on some of the same rides I went on as a kid.

It was all over too soon and very early Saturday morning the kids and left for Shanghai, it ended up taking us 48 hours to get home thanks to Boston's lousy ground crew but we did make it. It was a quiet four days while we spent trying to get over our jet lag. A three day trip to Xian is next...

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