Monday, October 21, 2013

Toilets and Family Picnics

It was a busy week for the Marks family, so what better way to relax and unwind than a night out with your hubby and some friends?  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I just had to try More than Toilet, the restaurant themed around the toilet.  It did not disappoint, as you first enter the restaurant you walk past a tub with a pair of leg and smoke coming out of it, complete with a poo filled sink.  Then, in keeping with the theme you walk past a row of gold urinals hanging from the wall just like any other artwork you'd display.  We were shown to a table with four toilets with two sinks between them.  Each sink had a little pile of "poo" in it, which was covered with glass, thus making up our table.  The seats are all sealed and they do not flush.  Cold drinks came in little urinals and hot ones in small toilets.  Food came served in a variety of dishes, including a tub, sink, and a toilet.  It was mostly Western fare and nothing spectacular, you are obviously not there for the food.  A unique experience for sure!
Sunday we took the kids to the Green City Annual Family Day Picnic.  The kids got to play in a bouncy house, slide down a shark, ride a bull, and play a clue game.  These events are always sponsored by local companies that all have booths set up and in an effort to get more traffic they made a game out of it, giving you a clue card that would send you to a vendor that would then give you an informational pamphlet and another clue.  All in all we visited maybe 20 vendors and came away with several pens and a few other little goodies.  The kids also each got a Halloween hat and a popcorn and soda.  However; I would personally like to thank who ever came up with the clue game.  If it had not been for that game, I would not have visited the Philippines booth and entered their raffle.  I am a planner and I can tell you exactly what trips we will be taking right up to our move back home in June 2015.  The Philippines did not make the cut, there were other places that were just higher on our must see list.  But, I did go to the booth and I did fill out the raffle ticket, and I did WIN the grand prize of a trip to the Philippines!  Holy Crap, right!? Guess I'll be revising that plan!

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