Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting back to a routine!

We've been back a few weeks now, jet lag is behind us, and we have quietly settled back into life in Shanghai.  Lily started at Dulwich, her fourth school, this August.  Dulwich is a large British run international school that covers age 2 up to high school seniors.  They have several schools around the world and they are absurdly expensive!  Thank goodness BASF takes care of the tuition.  Lily as always has adjusted to her new school incredibly well.  She likes her new teacher and is making new friends quickly.  She is the oldest in the class since they have a strict cut off of Sept 1 and her birthday is Sept 8.  Technically she is repeating kindergarten, but I've talked with her teacher already and she is aware that Lily is way ahead of the other kids.  I will be working closely with her teacher to make sure that Lily continues to be challenged at school and not bored.  My hope is that by the time we move home she won't be too far behind her American classmates.  
This year my little boy started school too.  Charlie was super excited to be going to school like his big sister.  He is really enjoying school and his new friends and feeling like a really big boy.  The nursery program is five days a week from 8:30-3, but I will pick him up after lunch tuesday and thursday since he still naps most days.  We'll see how he does with napping at school and home and adjust his schedule if needed.
I've also made new friends with many of the moms at the school and Lily and Charlie went on a playdate today with another sister and brother that are in their classes.
Lucas has been away on business in Malaysia this week, but we did manage to get in a family trip to the Oriental Pearl Tower before he left.  This was the third time Charlie and I have been, and Lily's second, but so far Lucas hasn't been able to join us.  It was nice to go as a family and check the tower off the China bucket list!  The kids enjoyed the views from the top and had fun pointing out the boats on the river.  We grabbed surprisingly good pizza in the base of the tower and then headed to the Shanghai History museum.  It was a really nice day and we look forward to seeing more of China through the year!

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