Thursday, January 31, 2013

Florida here we come!

We had a busy week getting ready for our tip to Florida, so excited to see my family!  Ayi, Charlie and I did make a quick trip to the flower and pet market to get fish food for Lily's fish and a new light bulb for the hood.  While I made my purchases, Charlie had fun checking out the fish.  It was nice not having to keep and eye on him while shopping.
Part of the Chinese New Year craziness is "gift bags" of snacks.  Although she makes little money, Ayi has bought gifts for the kids birthdays.  Since it is traditional to give kids gifts for CNY she bought the kids a snack bag which came with a puzzle.  Charlie was thrilled, I could not open it fast enough for him!  I'm not so sure of the snacks though, which included some seaweed flavored snacks...
Even though CNY is still over a week away, the celebrations have already started.  It is not unusual to hear firecrackers going off at night, the preferred way to celebrate a holiday in China.  We are looking forward to trading the pollution, cold and wet weather here for the warmth and sun of Florida.  We are all packed after a slightly crazy week.  I'm making one last stop at the market to pick up a few last minute things and then hopefully we'll have a quiet lunch and maybe a short nap before heading to the airport.  Fingers crossed that the kids are on their best behavior.

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